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  1. E-tel ICE

    Rs.29,900.00 Rs.28,405.00

    Android OS, 6.0 (Marshmallow)Octa Core 1.3GHz ARM Corte..

  2. E-tel A10

    Rs.2,990.00 Rs.2,840.00

    SPECIFICATIONS BodyDimensions114.6*55.5*12.95mmWeight58.01gSIMDual SIMDisplayScreen t..

  3. E-tel A15 Phone

    Rs.2,990.00 Rs.2,840.00

    SPECIFICATIONS BodyDimensions126*55.5*20.4mmWeight76.14gSIMDual SIMDisplayScreen type..

  4. E-tel E14 TV Phone

    Rs.3,490.00 Rs.3,315.00


  5. E-tel i220 3G Smart Phone With 4" Screen

    Rs.6,990.00 Rs.6,640.50

    Android 6.0 (Mashmellows)3GQuad-core 1.2GHz Processor4" Full ..

  6. E-tel Keytab-Covertible Laptop

    Rs.34,900.00 Rs.33,155.00

    All the functionality of Laptop in a Tab.Work with..

  7. E-tel L3 4G Smart Phone

    Rs.19,900.00 Rs.18,905.00

    Android 6.0 (Marshmallow)​4GQuad-core 1.0GHz Cortex-A7 64bit Processor5” Full Touch Screen..

  8. E-tel LED Monitor

    Rs.13,500.00 Rs.12,825.00

    · Screen Size - 19.5”· Resolution - 1600*900· Brig..

  9. E-tel M3 Shield

    Rs.16,900.00 Rs.16,055.00


  10. E-tel Q20 Tablet 7" Screen

    Rs.10,990.00 Rs.10,440.50

    Android 5.13GQuad-core 1.3GHz Cortex-A7  Processor7” Display..

  11. E-tel T07

    Rs.1,990.00 Rs.1,890.50


  12. E-tel T21 Feature Phone

    Rs.2,290.00 Rs.2,175.50

    2.4" DisplayCamera │ VideoTorchWireless FMAuto Call Recorder..

  13. E-tel V60 +

    Rs.3,990.00 Rs.3,790.50

     SPECIFICATIONS General2G Network900/1800MHzBodyDimensions129.2*68.5*10.6 mmWeig..

  14. Infrared Wireless Headphone IRH2008 for TV/DVD/AUDIO

    Rs.4,400.00 Rs.3,400.00

    Fit table for any audio systems with 3.5mm jack, such as CD/DVD/TV/PC/ Cellphone etc.Effe..

  15. E-tel Vega N7 4G Smart Phone

    Rs.9,990.00 Rs.9,490.50

    Android 6.0 (Mashmellows)4GQuad-core 1.5GHz Cortex-A7 32bit ..

  16. E-tel Mate E11 TV Phone

    Rs.3,290.00 Rs.3,125.50

    Mobile TV 2.8" Display Dual SIM Dual Camera / Video Flasher ..

  17. E-tel F10 Feature Phone

    Rs.2,490.00 Rs.2,241.00


  18. E-tel T119

    Rs.1,990.00 Rs.1,890.50

    1.8" Display· Dual SIM· Camera / Video· Torch· Blu..

  19. E-tel T05

    Rs.1,990.00 Rs.1,890.50

    1.8" Display Dual SIM Camera / Video Torch Bluetooth / USB 3..

  20. E-tel T19

    Rs.1,990.00 Rs.1,890.50

    1.8"displayDual SIMCamera / VideoBluetooth3GP,MP4,MP3Extendable memory..

  21. E-tel T40 Feature Phone

    Rs.2,990.00 Rs.2,840.50

    2.4"displayDual SIMCamera / VideoBluetooth3GP,MP4,MP3Extendable memory..

  22. E-tel 3.75G Dongle

    Rs.2,490.00 Rs.1,618.50

    Quick to set up and Easy to useCan be use&nbs..

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